IcedNet LLC

IcedNet began as a side project over twenty years ago, and has become the gathering and focusing of decades of varied experiences. Our primary focus is enabling clients to bring their visions to life. To that end, we provide a broad base of skills and knowledge to allow for any implementation constraints.

Legacy Issues Features?
If your project requires Legacy systems to be taken into account (and what project doesn't?), we can make certain integration will be smooth. Having experience with older systems is a Huge plus in today's world of IT budget cuts : the longer any system/software can withstand the test of time, the better your ROI. Just to date our depth of experience, Windows NT is actually relatively new compared to some of the systems we are familiar with...

Ring in the New!!!
Mobile Apps and Mobile Platforms are arguably the easiest and most cost effective way to provide staff and potential clients with the information they need in a timely and portable fashion... The data they need without the ties that bind one to the desk. We specialize in creating Mobile Apps and integrating your existing web presence with the burgeoning Mobile World!
Let us help you move into the Hottest Market in the World!